"His Mercy Endures Forever"

BIBLE READING: Psalm 136, 2 Chronicles 6-7
“Honey, my phone is broken, I am headed to Verizon to pick up a new one.”
“Honey, the light bulb is shot in the bathroom, I am headed to the dollar store to get a new one.”
“Honey, I need new tires on the car this week.”
“Honey, watch your spending…the boys need new shoes this week.”
                Does any of that sound familiar to you?  Around our house it seems we are constantly having to buy new things because the old things are wearing down.  Every week there is something around our house that either needs to be repaired, replaced or renewed.  To make matters worse, it will always be that way.   The reading for today does mention something that will never need to be repaired, replaced or even renewed; the mercy of God.   The word “mercy” means “a kindness, a good deed or favor”.  Some of the more modern translations substitute the word “love” in place of “mercy”.  In either case, God’s love and mercy are a few of those rare things that will endure forever.  In fact, the psalmist doesn’t just tell us once or twice, but twenty-six times in these 26 verses.  If we can find comfort in anything in this world, it is knowing, without a doubt, that the mercy and the love of God “endures forever”.  
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