"Passing On"

BIBLE READING: Psalm 134, 146-150
             David tells us in this psalm that the Creator Himself blesses His human creation. God desires to and does bless us so that we can pass on a blessing to others. There is a great illustration of this concept from Bill Hybels’ book, “Who You Are When No One’s Looking”. He writes:
“It started like so many evenings. Mom and Dad at home and Jimmy playing after dinner. Mom and Dad were absorbed with jobs and did not notice the time. It was a full moon and some of the light seeped through the windows. Then Mom glanced at the clock. “Jimmy, it’s time to go to bed. Go up now and I’ll come and settle you later.” Unlike usual, Jimmy went straight upstairs to his room. An hour or so later his mother came up to check if all was well, and to her astonishment found that her son was staring quietly  out of his window at the moonlit scenery. “What are you doing, Jimmy?” I’m looking at the moon, Mommy.” “Well, it’s time to go to bed now.” As one reluctant boy settled down, he said, “Mommy, you know one day I’m going to walk on the moon.” Who could have known that the boy in whom the dream was planted that night would survive a near fatal motorbike crash which broke almost every bone in his body, and would bring to fruition this dream 32 years later when James Irwin stepped on the moon’s surface, just 1 of the 12 representatives of the human race to have done so?”
That young boy’s vision was not from inside of him but from God to him. God wanted to bless him just as He wants to bless us. God desires us to be a blessing to others, but we can only pass on what we have received. True, genuine, authentic blessings come from God alone.   – Ed Rea
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