"Don't Be A Sell Out"

BIBLE READING: 1 Kings 20-21
“Sell out -someone who sacrifices their personal convictions for some type of advancement.”
      Naboth had set himself up to become a very wealthy man.  He owned a vineyard that was located on a prime piece of property, right beside the palace of King Ahab.  It just so happens that Ahab desired this vineyard for himself and he wanted to turn it into a vegetable garden.  As Naboth might have expected, Ahab made his offer to pay whatever the piece of property was worth.  It could have been very easy for Naboth to accept Ahab’s offer and ride off into the sunse,t a healthy, wealthy man.  There was just one problem;  this vineyard was worth more to Naboth than any amount of money that Ahab would offer.  As it turns out, Naboth had inherited this vineyard from his father.  It could have been that this piece of property had been in his family for three or four generation, maybe even longer.  Naboth wasn’t interested in selling out to Ahab to become a rich man, because to him there was something more valuable than money.  In the end, it cost him his life.  His rejection of Ahab’s offer infuriated  Jezebel.  As a result, Jezebel has Naboth killed and just takes the vineyard for her husband.  One could say that Naboth was stupid for refusing such an offer.  He should have taken the money and had a healthy life, but in Naboth’s mind he wasn’t willing to be a sellout.  In selling the vineyard, he would have compromised his personal convictions, and that was not something that he was willing to do.   We all need to have a conviction that is as strong as Naboth’s. As Christians, we have an inheritance that is worth so much more than anything this world could offer us;  yet, we constantly see people compromising their convictions and their faith for things that Paul described as “dung” in Philippians 3.8.  Naboth was not willing to become a sellout. What about you?  Do you have a price?   I hope not!
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