"Heavy Hearts"

BIBLE READING: Proverbs 10-12        
Over the last several years, it seems that America is facing an epidemic; an epidemic of anxiety.  I would venture to say that all of us know someone well that is dealing with this weight.   According to those suffering, the word “weight” is a truly accurate description of anxiety.  Most describe their anxiety as heaviness in their chest along with several other symptoms.  In Proverbs chapter 12, we find in verse 25 this exact description of anxiety that we just mentioned.  It reads, “Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs it down..”  So, it seems that we are not the first generation to wrestle with anxiety.  Mankind has been wrestling with this issue for many, many years.  Fortunately for us, the book of Proverbs doesn’t fail to offer a solution to this “weighty” heart condition.  In verse 25, after we are told that anxiety weighs down a man’s heart, we are told, “but a good word cheers it up.”   Sometimes changing a person’s attitude is as easy as just saying something nice, something good.  The next time you are around someone you care about that is carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, lighten their load by simply offering a word of encouragement, telling a joke, or telling a story to distract their mind.  Making a person’s heart lighter will make a person’s life brighter!
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