"Showing the Way"

                As the children of Israel departed from the land of Egypt and headed to the Promise Land, God provided for them His guidance.  God provided for them a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night to “lead them along the way” (Exodus 13.21).  This cloud was to remain with them on their journey and would not depart from them (Exodus 13:22).  This was something that they could count on to be a part of their day to day routine that would never lead them in a direction that would be dangerous or cause them harm.  Wouldn’t it be great if God did the same thing for us today; something that would lead and guide our lives through this dangerous and evil world so that we could safely arrive at our Promise Land of Heaven? Well…you are in luck, because God has provided us with such a thing.  In fact, you probably already have one.  It is called the Bible!  We knew that our Bibles were the Inspired Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16).   We also knew it was a weapon that could be used to against the Devil (Ephesians 6.17).  But we mustn’t forget that the Bible is also a road map that was designed to lead us in the direction we should go as we are forced to go through a world that is full of sin.  So, as you read today’s text and try to imagine how great it must have been to have God leading them, just think of how jealous they would be of us and our gift.  What we have; the complete will of God in its entirety, provided for us to guide us in the direction we must go.


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