"Passover, Through the Eyes of Jesus"


                As they walked up to the steps of the Upper Room, Jesus was aware of the importance of what was about to happen.  He had been a part of tons of Passover Feasts, but none of them were as important as this one; this one would be His last.  The disciples had all experienced Passover and were aware of its importance, but for Jesus this was different.  You see, the Disciples were only able to read about it or hear stories from the oral traditions that were passed down, but Jesus got to experience it as it happened.  We sometimes forget that He knew what the blood on the wood of the door post looked like, what the cries of those parents sounded like as they woke up with a dead child, the look on the face of Pharaoh as he finally let the people go.  Yes, for Jesus, Passover was a little different.  As you read the account of the instructions for the Passover feast, try to read it through the eyes of Jesus as He prepared to shed His blood on the wood of the cross.  Try to think of how He must have felt as He was about to be that sacrifice that would enable God’s people to be free from the bondage that sin had been imprisoning us.  When you do that, I hope this story becomes more real to you, but I also hope you can see the divine love and forethought of God as He intricately designed His plan of salvation from then until now.


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