"Should've, Would've, Could've"

BIBLE READING: Numbers 8-10
                Do you have any regrets? Maybe you had an offer to do something, buy something or invest into something; when in the moment you say no, but wished you would’ve said yes?  I wonder if that is how Hobab must have felt?  Hobab was the son of Reuel the Midianite, making him Moses’ brother-in-law.   When the nation of Israel was making their final preparations for leaving Mount Sinai, on their journey to the Promise Land, Moses invited Hobab to go with them.  He further offered that whatever blessing that God had for the children of Israel would be offered to him as well (Numbers 10.29-32); One would thing that would have been a no brainer for Hobab.  Although we don’t have a final decision recorded here in the text, the implication was that he rejected Moses’ offer.   In fact, the Midianites become the fiercest of enemies of the Israelites in Numbers 25 and 31.

We have the same invitation today.   God continues to offer us an opportunity to become heirs of the same Promise of Abraham, becoming Children of God through faith in Jesus Christ. And just like Hobab, millions upon millions reject that invitation.  It may be that Hobab regretted his decision and decided to withdraw from the Midiainites later and join the Israelites along the way.  The reason that could have been possible is because Hobab’s descendants were called the Kenites and they became allies of the Israelites while living in Canaan (Judges 1.16;4.11). If that is the case, the blessing is that Hobab and his family had time to change his mind.  Sadly, for us our invitation last only for a moment.  One day that invitation will no longer be an option for us, so don’t neglect this invitation because tomorrow may be too late.


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