BIBLE READING: Matthew 4. 17, 3. 1,2/ John 18. 36/ Matthew 16. 18,19/ Mark 9.1
The Kingdom existed in preparation. Christ began His personal ministry during the days of the Roman Empire. During His personal ministry, the kingdom/church existed in preparation. Both Jesus and John the Baptist preached that the kingdom was “at hand” or almost there. Jesus stressed that His kingdom was a spiritual institution and used the terms “kingdom” and “church” interchangeably. Jesus said that His kingdom would come “with power”. After His resurrection, He told the disciples that the power would come when the Holy Spirit came and that they would be His witnesses beginning at Jerusalem. They were to wait in Jerusalem until that power came, and at that time repentance for the remission of sins would be preached in His name. Peter did just that in Acts 2 on the day of Pentecost.

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