Resolutions: Draw closer to God by slowing down

BIBLE READING: Psalm 46.10

There are so many earthly demands on us today that it is sometimes even hard to have time to sleep. Sometimes that lack of sleep is from attempting to meet the earthly demands and knowing we are not meeting the things God wants from us. Is this a catch 22? No, it is a priority thing. We feel so much pressure to maintain a certain level of worldly comfort that we can’t enjoy life due to the demands to maintain this comfort. Back off and examine your priorities. Are they where they should be? We can redo our earthly demands but we can’t redo what God wants. When we slowdown we can, pray more fervently, meditate more effectively, see more clearly God’s handiwork, and gain more studying God’s word. You will be closer to God.

Make a resolution to slow down and draw closer to God.


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