BIBLE READING: Acts 1,2/ Matthew 6.10, 16. 19/ Ephesians 3. 10,11
The first two chapters in the book of Acts gives us a front row seat to the establishing of the earthly “Kingdom” AKA “the Church. Throughout eternity, this Kingdom existed in the plans and purposes of God as written in Ephesians 3. Jesus even taught the apostles to pray for the coming of this Kingdom. Peter was told that he would be instrumental in the start of this kingdom and we see just that in the first chapters of Acts. God’s eternal plans include all men and women, but we must be a part of the Kingdom that was foretold in God’s word. Are you a part of the Kingdom? In Acts chapter 2, we see Peter instruct those present what they had to do. Repent and Be Baptized!!

Prayer Requests:____________________________________________________________________


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