Thursday - "Be Weird"

BIBLE READING:  1 Peter 2:9-10

Nobody wakes up in the morning and says "I really want to be weird today." Certainly, nobody wants to be considered at school or work as the weird one. Did you know the Bible tells us that we should, in fact, strive to be weird. The passage for today says just that. Most translations people read that we should be "special" or "chosen," but the King James Version reads that we should be "peculiar." 

The first definition in the dictionary for "peculiar" is "strange or odd, unusual." Most of us would never want to be considered those things. Those are the ones at school people laugh at, talk about, or stay away from. The second definition listed says, "belonging exclusively to."  We are to belong exclusively to God. We are to have no other gods before us. This can be tough living in the world today. 

The truth is, the same could be said for the world Peter was writing about. Could you imagine how peculiar, or weird, Christians must have looked among the pagans of that time, or even how strange the relationship would have been with Jews during this time? The bottom line is, we are supposed to look different from those who are of the world. We are supposed to be strange, weird, and peculiar to those who aren’t living the Christian life. 

Look at your daily life and examine every day differences you see in your own Christian life versus those who refuse to live obedient. On the other hand, are there things that aren’t very peculiar that should be?


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