Saturday - March 4, 2017

Woodlawn Family Bible Study


In God's wisdom, He decided to remain invisible to mankind. This presented problems throughout His dealings with man. Even though God cannot be seen, He has always been vocal through His servants. As the Jews came out of Egyptian bondage, God spoke through Moses. Moses and others heard His voice, and saw the cloud and the fire, which were symbols of His presence; but such a manifestation of God has now taken place, in the person of Jesus Christ, had never before been exhibited to the world.

Man can enjoy true knowledge of God only through the revelation of the one who, as both God and man, is in a position truly to reveal Him. This verse declares that Christ has indeed provided for man such a faithful revelation of the Father. The Bible is God's revelation to us today. The Bible is both human and divine as Christ was. If we want to truly "see" God, we can read the pages of the Bible which reveal Him to us today.


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