Thursday - March 2, 2017

Woodlawn Family Bible Study

BIBLE READING:  2 Peter 3:18

Grace grows and increases! The scripture above commands and encourages us to grow in grace, meaning it is possible for you to increase the grace that is upon your life. But what does growing in grace mean?

It does not mean increasing God’s love or favor upon your life. You cannot get any more love or favor than that which God already gave you when you obeyed the gospel. Neither can you get an updated version of the salvation package. Everything that grace paid for has been handed to us by faith in Christ, and there is nothing better, no upgrades left.

Albert Barnes says, "Religion in general is often represented as 'grace,' since every part of the result of grace, or of unmerited favor; and to 'grow in grace' is to increase in that which constitutes true religion. Religion is susceptible of cultivation and of growth as any other virtue of the soul."  

As we grow in grace and knowledge we grow in the religion of Christ. Christians are expected to progress through diligent application of the word, study, and worship.


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