“It Is All for You!”

BIBLE READING: Genesis 1-3
                As we look back and reflect on the Creation story, it is easy for us to get caught up in the unknowns, “Why did God do this? How did God do that? Where does God come from?”  We can be so carried away with what we don’t know that we overlook what we do know.  It is important that we see that this entire story of the creation of the world was done for us.  If you will notice, out of all the unique and amazing things that God created, He made us last; why… because we are the most important.  The entire universe was created for us!  Jesus does not come to this world to die for the planet He created, nor all the life that is contained in it; He died for us…humanity.  His entire creation was made so that we could see How much He loved us.  This world is beautiful for us.  The animals were created for us.  The moon and the stars were made for you and me.  All of Creation is God’s illustrious gift that He has given to us to express His love for us.  As we again begin this journey of the unfolding of God’s plan, don’t get too bogged down with all the unknowns.  Instead, try to see things from God’s point of view and see that this entire world and story is His gift to you…Enjoy!


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