BIBLE READING: 1 Samuel 26. 1-25

It must have been very difficult for him to control himself that night. There he lay-the man responsible for bringing him to the wilderness, forcing him to sleep on the hard ground away from his family. All he had to do was take his spear and run it through Saul’s chest and everything would be right with the world. But Abishai refrained (1 Samuel 26. 6-10). Why? Maybe it was out of fear of disappointing his king, David, the fear of David punishing him, or maybe it was because Abishai simply understood his role. David was his king, and Abishai’s place was in subjection to his king. Many times during our daily struggles with our faith, we are faced with a similar situation. We may not have a spear in our hand ready to pin down our mortal enemy, but we do struggle to submit our wants and desires for the sake of our King. When we obey the Gospel, we must deny ourselves, along with our wants and desires, no matter how strong they might be, and allow the will of our King to supersede our own. In what ways have you had to submit to God’s will when it wasn’t what you really wanted? Truly, God does know what is best.


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