BIBLE READING: 1 Samuel 1. 27-28

                 Has there ever been anything that you wanted so badly that you thought your heart would burst?  When you read of Hannah’s story in 1 Samuel about how she longed for a child you can almost feel how badly she wanted to have a baby of her own.   But she didn’t give up.  Instead, she prayed to God for the gift of a baby and promised that she would dedicate the child’s life to God’s service.  True to her word, that’s exactly what she did.  Not only did she have a baby, love him, nurture him, and raise him to an age where he could go live with Eli, she faithfully took the young boy to his new home.  In essence, she was paying God back for her blessing.  She even praised God and gave that to Him for the special gift of her son, Samuel.  Always remember, when you are struggling with something you want or need, trust that God knows what is best for you.  Pray about it and let God take care of you. 



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