BIBLE READING: Psalms 57. 1-11


In recent years there seems to have been an outbreak of public shootings against the innocent. Whether it be at a government building, a movie theater, or a school, the question has been raised is, are we safe? The thought behind the question is had there been protocols, legislations, or other things in place ahead of time would that protect us or even prevent these things from happening to us where we live? I may not be able to thwart a terrorist attack, nor am I able to accurately predict the mindset of a lunatic, but I can offer you safety. At least sixteen times in the book of Psalms, David says that in the LORD we can find refuge and almost every time the word used for “refuge” means “a cliff or another lofty site that offers safety.” However, there is at least one time in the Psalms that it is translated as “to flee for protection” and that is found in Psalms 57.1; “…in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge, till the storms of destruction pass by.” This psalm was written about the time David was running away from Saul and was able to find peace in the cave. When David was attacked, he found safety in the wings of God. It is there that we will be able to find safety as will when we feel threatened by all of the problems that come our way. God never promises a life free of horrible acts like mass shootings, but He does remind us that even in the midst of horrific tragedy safety can be found with God. 


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