BIBLE READING: I Samuel 16. 1-13

I had knee surgery a few years ago. On the way home, I was really hungry. The problem was, I had taken a lot of medicine and it was hard to stay awake. I asked my wife to stop on the way home and get me a hamburger from my favorite place. When she went in to order, there was a knock on the window of the car. I remember rolling the window down and talking to someone. I cannot remember to this day who it was. I know that I did not make any sense. I was babbling about this and that, slurring my words and just making an idiot of myself. The problem is, I still do not know who it was. There is no one I can apologize to. I feel embarrassed for my actions but who do I tell? There have been many times also, that I have sinned against others that I will never be able to find. How do I make that right? I have to pray that God will forgive me and give me opportunity to ask them for forgiveness. If I never see them again, I have turned it over to God. He knows our hearts. I Samuel 16.7


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