Thursday - "Temptation Isn’t Sin"

BIBLE READING:  Psalm 138:3

Temptation to do wrong can make you feel horrible. You may think, I shouldn’t be going through this; I shouldn’t be having a problem with this. But God taught me that temptation isn’t sin; we sin when we give in to temptation.

The Bible says temptation will come. It doesn’t say, “Woe unto him to whom it comes,” it says, “Woe unto him by whose hand it comes” (see Matthew 17:7). Jesus told us to pray that we would not give in to the temptation when we are tempted (see Luke 22:40).

Psalm 105:4 is a great way to start your day right. It says, “Seek, inquire of and for the Lord, and crave Him and His strength (His might and inflexibility to temptation); seek and require His face and His Presence [continually] evermore.”


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