Saturday - "The Darkest Saturday"

BIBLE READING:  Mark 16:5-7

Tomorrow, when we assemble, part of our worship will be to commemorate the Lord’s death, burial, and resurrection (as we do every first day of the week). However, a lot of the world will focus on this day in particular as it coincides with the time many believe that Jesus was resurrected. Before we get there and worship tomorrow, take a moment and think about that weekend when all of this took place. On Friday, Jesus was beaten and mocked and crucified. On Sunday, Jesus was found risen from the grave. Think about that Saturday in between though. How awful of a day that must have been in the history of the earth. In a sense, it is the only day where some form of the presence of God was not in some form interacting with man. God was present up until the time that Jesus arrived on the earth, and when Jesus left, the Holy Spirit was bestowed upon those who followed God. But, that Saturday, when Jesus was not present was a dark, lonely day. That’s exactly the place where Jesus redeemed us from.

We all deserve to be in that dark place, but thanks be to God, that the next day came, and Jesus rose from the grave!  Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah!  See you tomorrow for worship!


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