Wednesday - February 15, 2017

Woodlawn Family Bible Study


“Character Through Consistency”

Imagine looking at your monthly bank statements, particularly at the cable TV charges. 

  • January: $89.99
  • February: $89.99
  • March: $130.99

How many times has this happened in your billing cycle? Whether you lose a “one time” promotion, something has been mysteriously added, or “sorry, our rates have increased,” most people have experienced inconsistency when dealing with bills. 

Being consistent is a very important part of life. Consistency carries with it a sense of reliability. There is no reason to believe that every Tuesday morning the garbage and recycle will not be collected. Why? Because Waste Management is consistent. As Christians, the world needs to be able to rely on us to consistently show Godly character with our words, attitudes, and actions. 

Our culture encourages academics, sports, and hobbies. Success in these areas requires consistent practice. Is it not even more important to have consistent routines in our spiritual lives?


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