Monday - February 6, 2017

Woodlawn Family Bible Study


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (subtle reminder to you gentlemen to make sure you have your flowers and chocolates ordered).  So, we’ll be focusing this week on LOVE, and what it really means. We'll use the most popular verse in the Bible to help your mindset this week.  I’m sure you have seen this about John 3:16 being the GREATEST, but think about how GREAT this verse is.

  • God … the GREATEST being
  • So loved … the GREATEST emotion
  • The world … the GREATEST company
  • That He gave … the GREATEST action
  • His only begotten Son … the GREATEST gift
  • That whoever … the GREATEST opportunity
  • Believes in Him … the GREATEST simplicity
  • Should not perish … the GREATEST assurance
  • But … the GREATEST difference
  • Have everlasting life … the GREATEST reward


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