Wednesday - February 1, 2017

Woodlawn Family Bible Study

BIBLE READING:  1 Peter 2:4-10

The next time you are at worship, take a look at those that are sitting around you. Among them you will find accountants, doctors, teachers, auto repairmen, custodians, secretaries, and some factory workers. If it were you, would you start a religious movement with all of these people? For the most part, if it were up to us, we would pick only people who were very educated, people who were charismatic, or people that had a great deal of influence within the community. Yet, that is the exact opposite of what Jesus did! 

Isn’t that interesting? Jesus chose a fisherman, a tax collector, and a zealot (I’m not even sure that you can be paid for that!). Jesus chose ordinary, average men to be his focal point, His core, and, yes, even the foundation of His ministry. They may not have been much to look at in the beginning, but in the end (or shall I say at the beginning of the church), people noticed something about these men that made them different, distinct, and, as Peter later says, somewhat “peculiar.” 

Jesus is known for that though, isn’t He? He makes something out of what seems like nothing. He took a shepherd boy and made a giant killing king. He took a kid’s lunch and fed thousands. He took a pile of dust and made man. I think He has an impeccable track record of taking small, insignificant things and turning them into something amazing. What has He done with you? I can guarantee He isn’t finished with you yet. 

Application: Take a look back in your life at the time when you didn't have Christ, and take notice as to how much your life has changed since then. You may have a long way to go, but if you give Him an open heart and willing soul, He has a great deal to work with!


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