"Good genes is all it takes"

BIBLE READING: 1 Samuel 2. 12-17
As we raise our children we all notice things about them that remind us of either their mother or father. We are proud of these similarities and consider it to be a genetic trait. It is easy to assume that if you didn’t cause your parents grief growing up your children probably want cause you much either. Eli and Samuel would be the first to say that is not a good thing to assume.  Eli knew his sons were wicked but did nothing, Samuel told Eli of Gods plan to rebuke his family, 1 Samuel 2: 12-17, 1 Samuel 3: 13. Samuel’s two sons were appointed judges by him (1 Samuel 8: 1-5) and they proved to not walk in his ways. They were dishonest, took bribes, and perverted justice. It isn’t obvious Samuel knew of his son’s wickedness until it was brought to his attention in verse 5.   Both Eli and Samuel were men of God. There could be many reasons their sons did wrong, but a few that seem most likely are as follows: Were they too busy with their work to notice a problem until it was too late? Did they realize there was a problem but ignored it? Did they try to discipline their sons but it was not effective?

 Having children is a blessing from God, so it is very important to keep Him in the loop as we raise them. An important part of helping our children grow up spiritually and physically is to make choices you want regret. Praying helps make the right choices.


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