Bible Reading: Mark 14. 3-9

A few years ago I was passing through the town of Selma, Alabama and discovered a very unique cemetery. The graves were very old and there was some Spanish moss in the trees. It was just all out creepy! There was one tomb that had what I thought was a very humorous epitaph. It had the women’s name, the year she was born and the year she died; but then there was this “She did what she could”. I physically laughed out loud. “Bless her heart” was the next thought that popped into my head. I felt so sorry for this woman, that they could not find anything good to say about her. They settled with “she did what she could”. It wasn’t until a few weeks later I was reading through one of my old KJV Bibles that I came across a story of Mary and how she anointed the feet of Jesus with spikenard. There it was, how could I have missed it? It was as if a nuclear bomb went off in my brain when I read the words of Jesus when he told the others to leave her alone, “for she had done all she could” (Mark 14.8) The woman who lay in the tomb in that creepy cemetery in Selma, Alabama, had been paid one of the highest compliments our Lord ever handed out. What about you? What can be said of you? Have you been given countless opportunities to serve the Lord in various ways? Have you used the talents that God has blessed you with to do what you can? Don’t focus on what you haven’t done. Focus on doing what you can for today.

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