BIBLE READING: Matthew 25. 14-30
Have you ever felt unimportant in God’s Kingdom? What about small and insignificant? Or maybe you just feel that there are so many people in your church that have more talent in their pinkie toe nail than you do in your entire body. In some cases that may be true. You may not be very talented. In fact, you may even be the one talent man that is described in Matthew 25. When you have so little in comparison to so many who have so much, it is very easy to feel unimportant- to feel like that pinkie toe nail. But before we go any further, I want you to perform a little exercise. Go and get a small pair of pliers, then place the business end of the pliers on your little toe nail. Then quickly apply pressure to the pliers and rip off that pinkie toe nail. Now that didn’t hurt, did it? I mean it is so small as opposed to the finger and hands and head and the other parts of our body. Of course it hurt!!! That is if you actually did it, which I am hoping you didn’t! But I do hope you see the point. That small toe nail, no matter how small it is, serves a purpose. It was important; if it was insignificant….it wouldn’t have hurt quite so bad! I Corinthians 12.12-31, reminds us that every part of the body plays an important role, the hand, the foot, the eye and yes even the pinkie toe nail. Paul draws the comparison to the church. The elders are important as are the ministers and the deacons, the Bible class teachers, the bus drivers, the attendance card picker-uppers, the custodians, the person who locks up the building, the person who folds the bulletin and even the little pinkie toe nail who may only be able to smile and say hello to the visitor. Everyone plays a role in the body of Christ. Everyone!!!
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