Saturday "Why Do We Worship God?"

BIBLE READING: Genesis 4: 3-5, Matthew 15: 7-9

Many problems occur because man doesn’t choose to worship God the way God wants.   Rather, a way that is also pleasing to self.   Cain was the first record of one trying to worship God his own way.  What does the book of Genesis tell us about how God felt about it?   He respected Abel’s offering but not Cain’s because it wasn’t as God had said.
        Both brothers believed in God and both wanted to worship Him.  Both offered sacrifices to God.  What was the difference?  The difference came when Cain interpreted what God said in a manner to meet what Cain wanted to do rather than what God wanted.   It is reasonable to assume both these brothers got the same direction from God, yet they chose different methods to implement Gods wishes. Able worshiped God the way God wanted.  Cain on the other hand presumed he could worship God the way he felt would be acceptable.  What was Cain’s motive?  Did he feel God would be worshiped better with an offering from the ground instead of an animal?  After all, his talent was tiling the soil not raising animals.  His talents were raising vegetables and surely God would be happy with worshiping Him that way.  What is wrong with that logic, anyway?  Cain’s motive is one reason this was not acceptable.  Cain knew what God had said about how to worship him but, Cain wanted to worship God in a way that also pleased Cain.  Cain believed his method of worship would be better, because?  Was it selfish reasons?  His talents were in the soil not animals. 
     We don’t worship God in a manner to please ourselves; we worship God to please God.

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