Wednesday - October 26, 2016

Woodlawn Family Bible Study

BIBLE READING:  Matthew 27:15-31

Have you ever thought about whatever happened to Barabbas? The last we see of Barabbas is him being released into the angry mob that was demanding that Pilate crucify Jesus. After that, there is no mention of him. I want to believe that Barabbas was so intrigued that he was released instead of Jesus that he decided to stick around and watch as the events unfolded. I can imagine him witnessing the scourging of Jesus, wincing with every blow, and imagining himself being beaten. I want to believe that as Jesus stumbled to Golgotha, Barabbas ran to assist Him and pleaded with the soldiers to allow him to assist in carrying the cross. Instead, they select Simon. I want to believe that he followed Jesus to the cross and watched in disbelief as Jesus hung there instead of himself. I also want to believe that Barabbas looked for the disciples to find out more about the man who took his place that day. I really want to believe that Barabbas was the first in line to be baptized on the day of Pentecost, and that he became a productive member of the body of Christ. 

That is what I want to believe, and what I feel he should have done because of the second chance he was given. Maybe the reason God did not provide us with any further knowledge about Barabbas is so we can use our imagination and put ourselves in his shoes. 

Application: What would you do if you were Barabbas? If you think about it, you are a lot like Barabbas. You are guilty of your sin. You deserve to be punished. Yet, Jesus decided to take your place so you could be free!

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