Monday - September 19, 2016

Woodlawn Family Bible Study

BIBLE READING:  Mark 10:46-52

In Mark 10:46 we find one of those obscure Bible characters who has recently become one of my heroes. His name was Bartimaeus, and he was a blind beggar. What strikes me about this man is that he was not going to allow anything to stop him from getting to Jesus. Being a blind man placed him at the mercy of others for his needs, but Bartimaeus understood that, although he was physically disabled, he was still responsible for himself. When he hears that Jesus is near, he begins to cry out for Him. I would imagine that these cries kept getting louder and louder because the crowd rebuked him and wanted him to be quiet. However, Bartimaeus was not concerned what other people thought. He was concerned with allowing the Son of David to heal him. He was bold, to the point, and expecting to get what he was asking from Jesus. 

How often do we cower amidst the world when they tell us to be quiet in our crying out for Jesus? How much faith do we have to not allow any ailment, excuse, or disability stop us from getting what we need from Jesus? Bartimaeus was a man who had some spunk with his faith. 

Application: Let’s do what we can to attain that same level of “spunknicity” without making any excuse, legitimate or not. 

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